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Implementation of a system to automate primary customs procedures at border crossing points for the Russian Federal Customs Service

In order to improve the quality and speed of service for those engaged in foreign economic activities, the Russian Federal Customs Service took the decision to create a centralized system to support customs procedures at border crossing points.

Asteros specialists analyzed customs clearance procedures. Using the results of this assessment, a system was developed and implemented. This system records all stages of customs procedures when vehicles and goods are registered.

System description:

  • The parties engaged in foreign economic activities send information about goods and vehicles to the system in electronic format before the cargo has been sent and receive a unique number by email in the form of a barcode. This means customs officials can avoid having to manually input data for accompanying trade documentation.В 
  • When goods arrive at the border crossing point, the customs inspector takes accompanying trade documentation from the transporter and scans the barcode.
  • Information on the goods and vehicle are extracted from the system automatically and appear on the computer screen so the customs inspector can ensure that the information matches that on the physical documentation.

Timeframe for project completion: 2005-2009

The system covers:

  • The main scientific-data computing centre of the Russian Federal Customs ServiceВ 
  • 7 regional customs authoritiesВ 
  • 17 customs departments
  • 64 border crossing points (the inclusion of another 50 is planned)

This project won the 2009 CNews competition for “The best IT-project in the state sector” with a nomination for “Best IT-service for state-business interaction”.

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