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Creation of an exchange information-sharing system between Russian ministries and departments and the Russian Federal Customs Service

Information on goods and transport vehicles which cross the borders of the Russian Federation and must be registered at customs is of interest to many ministries and government departments responsible for monitoring taxation and the import/export of goods in various sectors of the Russian economy.

Asteros specialists developed and implemented an “M-exchange” information-sharing system at the Federal Customs Service (FCS) of Russia to facilitate communication with ministries and government departments. The system replaced a scattered set of IT-tools which had previously been manually launched by operations staff to download the necessary information for ministries and departments. Requests were not always processed correctly or on time with the old system.

The Asteros solution facilitated operations from government departments and ministries:

  • Broad and quick access to the FCS central database
  • Data conversion from FCS formats to those used by various ministries and departments
  • Preparing data for transfer

The new system makes it possible to manage the timely extraction of data and full sets of information.

The FCS’s transition to electronic interaction with its partner organizations immediately resolved two important tasks:

  • Delivering current information to all interested departments means they gain a complete picture of the import/export situation for particular goods and can then use this data when planning their own activities.
  • The FCS receives authorization and confirmation documents from ministries and departments via the M-exchange system. This helps to strengthen customs control. These documents were previously in printed form and were open to falsification.

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