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Data security projects for the TVEL fuel company

KABEST implemented a range of projects in the area of data security for enterprises belonging to the state-owned TVEL corporation, including:

  • Development of project and administrative documentation.
  • Audit and assessment of existing information systems at the enterprises.

TVEL Fuel Company consists of its major company JSC TVEL, which takes the lead within the Fuel Company and governs affiliated companies – enterprises of nuclear fuel cycle of Russia. The Fuel Company includes large Russian enterprises dealing with natural uranium mining, rendering services in fabrication, supply and scientific and engineering support of nuclear fuel operation at NPPs of Russia, CIS and foreign countries. Among them there are the manufacturers who have more than half a century production background such as Mashinostroitelny Zavod in Elektrostal, Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrate Plant, Chepetsk Mechanical Plant in Udmurtia and Russia’s largest uranium miner – Priargunsky Mining and Chemical Production Association and many others. JSC TVEL has Representative Offices in Ukraine and Slovakia. The Fuel Company’s employees total over 16,800 persons.

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