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Capital construction and renovation

KABEST offers principal designer and general contractor services for capital construction and renovation projects.

KABEST builds industrial and technical sites as well as office and residential space providing complete scope of construction, installation and commissioning services for a full range of infrastructure systems

KABEST partners with the leading international manufacturers of construction and engineering machinery, and suppliers of building materials.

Today KABEST has the strongest management team and sufficient project management and installation resources to successfully deliver the most challenging construction projects.

KABEST offers the following capital construction and renovation services:

  • Project management and research
  • Obtaining required approvals and permits from regulatory authorities
  • General contractor services
  • Inspection of sites and buildings
  • Full range of renovation services

KABEST offers a full range of repair and renovation services; we research and rebuild historical buildings and heritage sites.

KABEST offers the following building renovation services:

  • Restoration
  • Reconstruction and major repair of various buildings and sites
  • Project management and design
  • General contractor services
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