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Cellular communications block systems

Cellular phones and radio jamming are evidently necessary on the premises designed for the discussion or processing of classified information and in concert halls and other closed areas.

KABEST delivers services in development and implementation of systems for smart blocking of working standards cellular signals and wireless access (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) in all kinds of facilities: building blocks, standalone buildings, and closed areas.

Besides fail-safe jamming, which takes place only when a user tries to find a connection, cellular communications block systems fully control the situation and log all the attempts to enter a wireless network.

Cellular communications jamming is performed only in specified room and affects neither base stations nor the whole network outside of the controlled area, so it cant interfere with the mobile operator.

KABEST has developed a proprietary cellular blocker "Chameleon", which takes into account the shortcomings of the previous generation blockers and present-day changes in cellular networks.

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