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Implementation of Information Security solutions

KABEST delivers wide range of services for a full life-cycle implementation of information security solutions, which include:

  • Quick survey of clients existing information systems protection in order to reveal security threats, possible leakage channels and other vulnerabilities
  • Development of the requirements to data security within clients information systems
  • Full life-cycle project design activities, including draft, technical and detail design of protective systems, optional analysis of data exchange between the units of geographically distributed IT systems, and simulation of the interaction between the protective and application systems
  • Procurement of protective systems, their installation and set-up, with providing continuity of clients application systems during implementation
  • Development of user manuals, user and administrator regulations
  • Wide scope of testing activities, including preliminary tests, user acceptance tests and penetration tests
  • End user training for working with protective soft- and hardware, security specialists training
  • After-market warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance of the implemented systems
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