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Information protection

Technical protection of the information within IT and communication systems is an in-demand service both in public and commercial sectors. KABEST has wide range of FSB and FSTEC licenses and permissions to deliver full range of services in the area of information protection:

  • Detection of electronic devices intended for unsanctioned data acquisition in premises and equipment that have to do with state secret and classified government information
  • Special research to detect side electromagnetic radiation that affects hardware used in state bodies
  • Protection control of IT and communication systems that have to do with state secret, assessment of their conformity to the information protection requirements
  • Development, implementation, tuning and after-market support of protective hard- and software
  • Assessment of the activities carried out to protect from security leakages through technical channels
  • Development and improvement of the assessment methodology
  • Design of protected IT and communication systems
  • Assessment of the IT and communication systems conformity to the requirements of information security

KABEST has a dedicated Information Protection department that comprises three specialized laboratories:

  • Special Research Lab implements researches to detect leakage channels, develops assessment methodologies and takes part in the design of protected IT infrastructures
  • Special Checks Lab is responsible for the detection of electronic devices intended for unsanctioned data acquisition and maintaining database of these special checks, as well as reports design for FSB licensing, certification and state secret protection bodies
  • Assessment Lab covers leakage assessments, IT systems analysis and assessment, protected hardware installation and its performance assessment

We are proud of our extensive track record of projects for state and public sector, which includes Russian Federation Council of the Federal Assembly, FSB, and TVEL fuel company.

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