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Control and access management systems

KABEST offers access control systems, which are optimal security-convenience ratio.

KABEST’s solutions in control and access-management area:

    • KABEST’s solutions in control and access-management sphere:
    • Security check-points with contactless entry/exit card readers, turnstiles and local controllers, integrated in a network.
    • Access control systems, recording data collection protocol, working time, monitoring pass back within designated zones and searching the location of an employee at the facility.
    • System of control and recognition of in/out vehicles’ state license plates transport and data transfer to central control console.
    • Entrance barriers connected to the system of access control.
    • Equipping vehicles with contactless identification tags.
    • Systems of detection of railway cars identification numbers for railway junctions and stations for record keeping and location control, checking with Russian Railways (RZhD) databases.
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