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Operative communication and warning systems

An effective system of operative communication and warning provides automatic notifications on emergency situations and is aimed at the prevention and minimization of the negative impacts of such events.

KABEST has unique expertise in the sphere of non-documentary and documentary communication systems that form part of operative communication systems:

  • Non-documentary communication: telephone, radio, wireless radiotelephone communications; operational loud-speaker communication; search and ringing alarms
  • Documentary communication: telegraph and photo-telegraph communications, email; pneumatic and electromagnetic mail, etc.

Alert system includes:

  • Audio broadcast equipment: power amplifiers, combined musical amplifiers; CD-players, cassette decks, digital tuners; terminal devices (speakers), control units and automatic alarm systems with the access control and fire systems, etc.
  • Emergency and fire alarm equipment: Multimedia PC, digital controllers, power amplifier, mixer, automatic speech informant; terminal devices (speakers); relay module and power supply, etc.
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