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Surveillance centers

Today, creating a surveillance center is vital for improving the quality of management in large enterprises and government agencies. KABEST has unique experience in the construction of large distributed control systems, decision support systems (DSS) and surveillance centers (SC).

An SC is a technically complex large-scale project, which includes:

  • Selection of effective software and hardware platforms, data center implementation, and equipment
  • Creating a uniform system based on the integration of various systems for data acquisition and factor analysis
  • Construction of a report system, including subsystems handling multidimensional data (OLAP), fuzzy logic-based systems, video systems, object recognition and expert systems
  • Implementation of an executive dashboard to enable decision-makers (DM) to obtain the most convenient access to all available information required for an objective assessment of the situation
  • Ensuring secure electronic document flow within the SC
  • Creation of simulation modeling and prognostication systems

A surveillance center provides analytical support for procedures and processes for the analysis, simulation and prediction of event scenarios, as well as effective decision-making at management level.

Complex SC operates in the following modes:

  • Operational management based on real-time data
  • Anti-crisis management, based on threat models and patterns of crisis situations
  • Tactical management, based on a model simulation system
  • Strategic management based on expert data and intelligent processing of sc data

    Basic SC covers the following functionality available to operators:

    • Indicator panel (in a data room or at a mobile workstation):
      • provides aggregated reports on current situations with data visualization
      • provides an engine for operational management decision-making
    • Operational reports:
      • generates and displays analytical reports in tabular, graphical or map form,
      • generates and displays multidimensional analytical reports online (OLAP) in random order on the selected data
      • provides primary reporting or factual data
    • Fact sheet and best practices accumulated knowledge base.
    • System of video monitoring and video conferencing.

    KABEST boasts strong partnerships with leading global manufacturers of surveillance centers and large distributed control system solutions and in-depth expertise in the design, development and implementation of surveillance centers and the auditing and certification of facilities.

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