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IT and engineering infrastructure

KABEST has extensive expertise and specialized industry knowledge and carries out unique, large-scale projects on IT and engineering infrastructure implementation in public organizations.

KABEST develops concepts for IT infrastructures; offers modular IT infrastructures and introduces optimal solutions, oriented towards development within government agencies for the next several years. Other benefits include:

  • Implementation of IT systems covering all public authority activities.
  • Development of unique customized IT solutions with due regard to the specificity and scope of government agency work.
  • Introducing an IT infrastructure provides an opportunity to receive, process, store and transmit necessary data
  • Development and implementation of large-scale IT solutions in the sphere of archives and electronic document workflow to optimize cost-saving and increase efficiency

KABEST IT and engineering infrastructure solutions:

  • Specialized structured cabling systems (industrial, intelligent)
  • Engineering infrastructure for data centers and IT
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Security and HVAC systems
  • Corporate data-transmission networks
  • Server-side and storage infrastructures
  • Call centers
  • Outsourcing of engineering solutions and systems Infrastructure
  • Identity Management systems
  • Data centers
  • Multimedia and printing systems

KABEST has all the necessary state licenses and certificates needed to work within the territory of the Russian Federation. It also possesses FSB and FSTEC licenses for work with classified government information and for implementation of protective solutions.

Contact us:   +7 (495) 797-69-00