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Outsourcing and IT services

The Asteros Group is one of the Top 5 leading systems integrators on the Russian IT services market and takes 7th place in the outsourcing of network infrastructure and user support segment, according to IDC analytics.

As a part of the Asteros Group, KABEST has a geographical presence in 50 Russian cities and is partners with IBM Global Services, HP, and British Telecom in the sphere of IT services. KABEST offers extensive expertise in SLA development and delivers service support for solutions from over 30 vendors.

KABEST outsourcing expertise is based on recognized international ITIL / ITSM practices and has also been adapted to fit the IT specifics of the public sector. The company has all the necessary state licenses and certificates needed to work within the territory of the Russian Federation. KABEST is certified to ISO 9001-2001 (ISO 9001:2000). It also possesses FSB and FSTEC licenses for work with classified government information and for providing services in the area of data-protection.

KABEST key IT outsourcing solutions include:

  • Support and maintenance of IT infrastructures
  • Outsourcing of engineering and IT infrastructures
  • n-site and SLA-based outsourcing of systems, equipment and IT processes
  • Outstaffing of IT personnel
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